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Community Service

Block OUT Bullying


Mary E. Cox



Block Out Bullying is a non-profit organization founded by Mary Cox.  The organization is committed to helping young girls experiencing bullying in the past or the present. Through the trials and tribulations that go along with bullying, there is light at the end of the road. New friendships, teammates, classmates and much more! 

We are here to help through partnering with volleyball clubs, players, and coaches in raising awareness about bullying.

Triangle Volleyball Club


Wounded Warrior Project

Volunteering at Triangle Volleyball Club in Raleigh, North Carolina was a powerful experience.  Partnering with the Wounded Warrior Project and Valor Games for Disabled Veterans, we made the game of volleyball come to life.   The experience was humbling and helped me understand the true sacrifice our United States veterans make for the country.  

North Raleigh Christian Academy


Coaching & Mentoring Young Volleyball Players

Each year at North Raleigh Christian Academy, the Varsity and Junior Varsity volleyball players,  mentor and coach the middle school summer camp.  Teaching the younger players is exciting and inspirational!  Their faces light up when learning a new skill such as overhand serving or passing a ball with the correct platform.  You can see the determination in their eyes to learn and play with true dedication.

Carolina Chaos Volleyball Club


Assistant Coach

During this past season at Carolina Chaos Volleyball Club, I had the pleasure of coaching the 16U team during practices.   It was different from working with the younger players at North Raleigh Christian Academy.  The 16U team was devoted to the game and looking into the future at playing in college.   They wanted to learn little tricks of the trade.  Learning how to dive for a ball in the proper form and compete during drills.  We had a lot laughs, bumps, bruises, and a true love for the game. 

NC Saving Grace Animal Shelter


Foster Home

Over the summer,  I fostered a beautiful black lab from a shelter, NC Saving Grace.  His name was Jasper, a three month old puppy.  All Jasper knew was life inside the shelter and never spent a night cuddled up in a warm bed with his forever family.  I worked with him on tricks, good habits, manners, and much more.  Jasper brought a lot of love into my home and I wished desperately I could keep him, but I knew it was only for a little while.  I took lots of pictures and shared with friends and family.  With everyone's help, we found Jasper a forever home.  He never has to spend another night in the shelter.

NC Elite Volleyball Club


Assistant Coach

NC Elite Volleyball Club gave me the opportunity to volunteer and be an assistant coach for the first time in my volleyball career.   I started mentoring during the 2015 season and continued coaching until 2018 when I joined Carolina Chaos.  I worked with volleyball players as young as 13 to 15 years old.  Working along side a great coach, I learned so much about setting up drills, rotations, substitutions, and officiating.  It was great experience for 3 years to learn so much and true inspiration.